Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Maya's birthday quote and the WW candy post

“Most people don't grow up. Most people age. They find parking spaces, honor their credit cards, get married, have children, and call that maturity. What that is, is aging.”
Maya Angelou

It is her birthday today. She is 84.

Here is the protein bars post.

The day that posted, I almost left this as a comment, but then realized there was an underlying concept that was enough for a full post.

I looked through the posts with a WW label and did not see it, but somewhere waaaaaaaaaaaay back there  is a similar post about buying a bag of WW candy and thinking I could keep it in the trunk of my car and eat a piece a day.

That did not work for me. I ate that WW candy compulsively.

I would not have bought a bag of regular candy and kept in the trunk of my car thinking I could eat a piece a day even long ago. I would have thought that was foolishly asking for trouble even long ago. I would have thought that was going to set off the taste bud thing, the WANTS and also make me sick and ultimately cause me to gain weight even long ago. But long ago, the WW name attached to the candy tricked me. And to be very honest, if I see 'WW' I am highly, skeptical now, I learned.

I think there are gray areas where it is a food/non-food that seems to take my special needs into consideration but actually is just too processed for me to handle.

I am talking about the too good to be true food (actually it is non-food) that is going to set off compulsive eating in me.

Some of them I see clearly. For example, in my opinion, cold cereal is actually cookies disguised to look like food. The only REAL cereal in my opinion is something like real, old fashioned (cooked) oatmeal. The cold, processed, ready to eat stuff is cookies in another form.

I easily recognize cookies are going to get me into trouble. I have to be more vigilant to realize cereal is really a cookie.

Protein bars are sort of an amped up cookie for me. Yes, the protein number can be better (if I read labels carefully) but they are still going to get me (personally) in major trouble.

For whatever reason, I am super sensitive to the combination of multiple ingredients. That combination of salt and sugar is addictive. And I am even more sensitive if baking soda an/or powder is added to the mix.

I think of this, in my mind, as the 'too good to be true' factor. When a company combines ingredients to get a taste that is going to sell and keep on selling. I have to be careful I do not fall for this.

And as I said, I have to be even more cautious when the marketing people have taken the extra step of packaging the item so it looks like it has been made to be an asset, help to people trying to watch their weight. They are not concerned about what is really a help to these people, they are focused on marketing to these people. I have to be aware of this.

When I shop in the produce aisle, I only have to think about is it a vegetable or is it really a starch? Items are one ingredient only and safe as long as I understand what category I am really seeing.

When I shop in most of the rest of the store, I have to discern - is the marketing department trying to trick me? Because for most things with more than one ingredient, they are.


  1. Brilliant and insightful post. We should print it out nd re-read it before we walk into any store selling foods and non-food foods.

  2. Very good post! I have to be careful and think if something suposidly healthy will trigger that sweet craving for me.
    My sister is on WW now and doing great on it. But while at walmart the other day she said she wants to grab some animal crackers for her long drive home because "they were only__many points!"...I told her I could never buy animal crackers because they would trigger that 'must have more' sweets trigger. She stopped to think and then agreed with me. She ended up getting box of trisket type crackers & when we got home I put serving sizes in snack sized ziplock bags for her. She never thought to do that.
    cold cereal industry can be very deceving!!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I think Kashi is hell wrapped in a halo.

  4. Boy this sure hit home with me after my day yesterday. Yep the non-foods I just have to stay clear of too.