Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fire alarms while away from home

I can remember being a child, in a hotel with my parents, and my mom being really confused when a fire alarm went off.

Like running aimlessly around the room.

I can't remember how that story ended. I don't know if we were evacuated to the street. Or if we grabbed our stuff and went to the car. Or if we went back to bed.

I just remember my mom, woken out of a dead sleep and not prepared. And therefore not able to take care of her children.

Middle and I were evacuated, in the middle of the night, I think we were in Edinburgh, Scotland (2015). To the street. Out of a sound sleep. And no idea if it was an all encompassing fire or a false alarm.

And we were ready. We had shoes by our beds. Passports and money and cards by our beds. Electronics by our beds. We were shoving our feet in our shoes as we were grabbing our stuff. Clothes and luggage were easily replaceable. (And would have slowed us down and been difficult on the stairs.) We only grabbed what was really important and because it was ready, it did not slow us down.

And we took real shoes, not flip flops, because shoes for us are not easily replaceable.

We had hoodies or jackets pulled on over our pj's by the time we got to the street. Because those were ready too.

It is tough in a hotel room, to find things. Belongings can be in a jumble. And in a fire, there is no time to sort thru a jumble.

One thing I do not think we had ready was our meds. And that would have been difficult for both of us. So I might have to rethink what I put by my bed. And how I would carry it. I am thinking a packed bag by the bed is probably smart.

If you have never had this happen to you, this might seem like an over reaction. But if it has happened to you, especially far from home, it is an intense thing. It is an urgent thing. It is a life threatening thing.

And if you are the mom, it is a skill to be taught.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Not sure any of them will work, but ordered these to try.

The first two are from Landsend.
And I would wear a sports bra under the shirt.

The last two are from Kohl's.
And I might wear a sports bra under those too.
I have been looking for something to help keep me warmer.
I was originally looking for more of a pool wet suit,
but every one I found, there were issues.
None seemed to be the right thing, to even order to try sizes.
I ordered 2-3 sizes of each (below).
That is my normal routine,
order the size I think I am, the size up and the size down.

I had enough to have free shipping.
Returns can be made locally so no return shipping.