Monday, August 10, 2015

More than a photo album, file boxes

I am making note of this for middle.

I have written, many times, I think scrapbooking is setting most women up for (utter) failure. Expensive supplies and tools. Stuff gets piled. It just never gets done. It feels like failure, constantly.

Our photo albums are now three ring binders with archive safe pocket type pages. Different style pages are available to hold one full size sheet of paper (per side) down to (4 per side) 3 1/2 X 5 pictures. Maybe even smaller pictures. There are lots of options.

I think a very good practice is to designate one color (of binder) per child (black for oldest, aqua for middle, purple for youngest).

Each of our kids has 4-6 of their color binders (filled) now.

I just keep adding binders.

I stopped buying the binders from the photography places. I now just get the heavy duty ones from Office Depot.

And then using the different type pages, I put photos in the albums.

But what middle and I were talking about is putting all keepsakes in those albums. group pictures, cards, certificates, etc. Great/worth keeping artwork can be shrunk to 8 1/2 X 11, color copied, put in the albums too. (Sharla mentioned this concept of the three ring binder instead of scrapbooking to me long ago and I remembered).

So I am not talking about cutting up pictures or using all kinds of stickers and fluff. I am talking about just slipping things in pockets/sleeves and putting them in the three ring binder. Boom. Done.

Middle and I talked about keeping things in hanging files and having each kid have their own file box. And I think that is important too.

For things like social security cards, medical files, school paperwork/transcripts, bank records, etc a file box is really important. My kids had them by (I think) third grade as part of teaching them to be responsible for their own paperwork. Keeping and filing paperwork is an important learning tool. Really important.

I mentioned middle's idea of also having a medical notebook for each child too. Just to keep track of the who/what/when/where's of their medical care. So the child knows, later, what happened to them, where all the records are, etc.

Middle, as she has been getting ready to move into her apartment, has been thinking a lot about this type of stuff. Mentally picturing how she is keeping her own stuff, and how she wants to keep (her future) kids' stuff.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

I was looking to clone my two drawer filing cabinet and I did

My husband has been cleaning out his office.

From his point of view he has been cleaning it out BIG TIME.

From my point of view, yes it is better but there is a long way to go.

It is a very large room.

There are lots of shelves yet to be sorted. They are now full. My guess is those shelves will be empty after he finishes. I am considering the best future use of those shelving units.

There is a locking cabinet in that room that is now empty. So, we are considering the best storage use of that cabinet. The shelves are not strong enough for file box storage. I can't think of anything else besides files that we might want to lock (my husband is funny about tax records, etc). Originally we bought the cabinet to lock up samples (husband's job). It was in the garage at the old house. Eventually all samples were set directly to the office.

As he has been sorting, some of the upstairs files have been moving down to our computer room. And my little two drawer cabinet in the computer room, bought in 2010, is now full.

On the way to church this morning, I was thinking about the excess files. And I wished I had two of those little two drawer cabinets. (I was kicking myself slightly that I had not bought two of those cabinets in 2010.) I was telling middle and my husband that I wished I had another of those cabinets and asking if they remembered where I had gotten the first one. We guessed Office Depot or Walmart.

It occurred to me I might have made a note on my blog when I bought it. I had. 

Middle and I went back to Target to buy another cabinet. They had the same cabinet - yea! But no longer had the wheel caddy. They sent me to Office Depot who did have the cabby. Same as the one I have at home. So now I have identical set. And have doubled my space. (We do have plastic file boxes for the old, old files too.)

I want to put an extra bed in his office. We can (often) use an extra bed. The room is huge. The room can be part office and part extra guest room, easily.

I bought the head and foot board of a antique Jenny Lind bed at a garage sale for $40 (I think). The side rails were missing, but that is okay because they would have been too short anyway. We will have side rails made, put a piece of plywood over them, and then buy a good quality pillow top mattress to fit the 3/4 bed. I like 3/4 beds. We do not try to put two people in one unless it is a cuddly couple who are both small in stature and love to sleep cozy. For tall or over sized people, the 3/4 beds are nice. Oldest sleeps slightly corner to corner in his Jenny Lind, at home, in his room. He loves that bed. It was from a garage sale too.

The woman having the garage sale said the bed had been her grandfather's and then hers all the years she was growing up. So her childhood bed until she married I think. She said none of her children wanted it. She said it had been in storage for over 35 years. I had a strong attachment to that orphaned bed, immediately.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Blue Apron

Jennette wrote a piece on Blue Apron.

I thought it sounded very interesting.

I forwarded her link to my oldest, with a note that said it sounded like something he would like.

He read Jennette's piece, and said he had heard of it, maybe when it first started in 2012. And he said it did sound like something he would like.

So he signed up for delivery.

And he does like it. He said it was fun and interesting. He said the directions are very easy to follow. He said he had never done most of the skills it required, but he learned. And he said (as Jennette said) he used nearly every dish in his kitchen. That is not a lot of dishes in either kitchen, I suspect. Everything is included in his box except salt, pepper and oil. Everything is premeasured.

He also mentioned it would be a great couple's thing. No one has to plan or shop. The work, split between two, would go very quickly. Or at least quicker. He said it would be a good dating thing too.

He likes food. He likes to cook. He is interested in more (than I am) gourmet type meals. He likes to build his food and cooking skill knowledge base.

He said his grocery shopping will now be down to string cheese, yogurt, fruit. He will keep some frozen veggies on hand incase he needs to expand one of the meals.

He is on the three meals plan which is designed to feed two people (so six servings total) each week. He said when he finishes cooking, he divides each meal in two, and puts one away, so he does not just sit down and eat the whole thing. (We had discussed this in advance, hence the veggies in case he needs to add to any meal. So far he said the servings are just about right.)

He is really excited about this.

He said although it looks pricey at first glance, he thinks it will be less expensive for him. Because he was mostly eating out recently. His meals out will be greatly reduced.

His deliveries come late afternoon on Friday. He then plans to cook Friday-Sunday. And then start the week with ready leftovers in the refrigerator. It might be 3-6 leftovers depending on his social plans over the weekend. But he said cooking is too hard for him, right now, after work, because he is still very slow. And he is cooking by himself. He can suspend any week's delivery if he is going to be out of town, but has to do it well in advance.

So far, really good idea for him. And it is organic food.