Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mill stone

At first glance, it looks like we buried a lot of it. No, it is shadow or dirt.
Look again, it is sitting in a little trench, just so it does not tip. 

I have a friend who opened a consignment resale used household store last month. Mostly furniture, but other household things too. (In another town. Not here. Doing well.)

She has had a half dozen or so people contact her to sell the entire contents of their house.

Now she is smart - no clothes, no outdated things unless good for DIY, no exercise equipment.

So, she does not take every single thing. But she has taken most of it.

The people? They are either moving across the country and decided to just start over. Or they are dramatically downsizing, and starting fresh.

My brother called (me, nothing to do with my friend's shop) a couple weeks ago. Downsizing.

Every time he has moved over the last 30 years or so, I have called to say - if you do not have room for the roll top desk (a family piece), I will take it.

He called (a couple weeks ago) to say - come get the desk. And do you want a gun case too?

At first I did not think I wanted a gun cabinet. But then I realized my grandfather made it. (We are all about family pieces, we have no guns. So I had to think a bit.). I realized it would make a fabulous doll clothes wardrobe. We have a lot of doll clothes.

I rented a 12' truck and drove to another state to get these family pieces. I had never driven a truck. I did fine. I did great in fact.

There was a chair with the desk too. And as we were finishing loading the truck, he asked if I wanted the mill stone. I said sure, not really knowing what it was.

It was an old, old family mill stone. Came in a covered wagon from the east. Long ago.

And although it was very hard to get in the truck. And it was very hard to get out of the truck. It is now in a place in our yard where I see it every day. And I am very glad to have it. Really glad to have it.

All the furniture (from my brothers plus a few pieces from here) is now in various stages of repair in the third bay of our garage.

We look like a used furniture store.

The roll top, which needed work, is being tended by a woodworking neighbor. He takes it home in sections. Going great.

The gun cabinet, we (husband, mother and I) made an insert, with rods for hanging, that slips inside the case. We did not change the case. Nothing is nailed to it. I will post pictures when I am finished with it. Very clever and very useful.

While we had everything out, our old kitchen table was pulled out from under a bed and we are refinishing the top. The legs and the skirt are fine. I had washed the finish off the top, heavy use for 15 years at the old house. Middle wants this table.

And there is a coffee table that middle and I pulled from someone's garbage. My husband sanded the top. She is going to paint it later. Right now it is a supply table.

And there is a bed set that I bought at a garage sale and have been struggling over the side rails.

There was also a bench, also from garbage, which I found room for in the house. It did not need repaired.

FYI - The first/second bay, of our garage, holds two cars, all the time. We keep the other stuff confined to the third bay. The stuff includes lawn mower, snow blower, ladders, flower pots, etc. And a lot of bikes.

I think I am going to get hooks to hang 2 more bikes. Total of 6 bikes. We still use them when everyone is home. Only 2 sets of hooks now.  Hang the kids' bikes, leave ours on the floor. That is a lot of floor space.