Tuesday, December 25, 2018


I think there are ten dolls all together.

As in - We have ten. American Girl of course has many more than ten. And most of ours are stamped Pleasant Company on the back of their neck. Original company. American girl is Mattel.

They all live at my mom's right now. Year round. She sews for them.

My mom makes each one a new outfit for Christmas.

Notice that they are in period appropriate clothes. The modern girls are in modern clothes. The historic girls are in clothes from their time-ish. Sometimes these are copies of clothes AG (American Girl) sold for them. Sometimes they are patterns (McCalls, Simplicity, Butterick, etc). Sometimes my mom drafts her own patterns.

So the dolls each have their own wardrobe. Felicity, Josefina and Samantha (who all belong to youngest) would NEVER wear clothes that belong to each other or to the modern girls (Lanie, Chrissa, Kailey).

And on Christmas day, she (my mom) and our two girls have a very good time playing with them. They all get dressed up in their new clothes. Shoes and underwear are admired as much as the outer layers.

I take pictures.

My mom especially gets a kick out of the fact that the girls are 20 and 24. When she talks about this with friends and acquaintances, she is quick to point out - these are not little girls.

The retired dolls are here

The current historic dolls are here



Jacket and hat are AG (ebay), my mom made the skirt. 




Spoon and bag are AG (ebay), mom made rest. And we are still looking for the right red stripe for an apron. 





Monday, December 24, 2018

Added a plate rail

This is a civil war era cabinet made by one of my relatives, paternal grandmother's side.

It has been sitting in the same spot in the kitchen for many years.

I took this picture today, but it looks just like previous pictures.

The three little chairs are always on top. The three little trees are always to the side. (And at Christmas the three little penguins are added on the chairs.)

When I was getting ready to graduate from college, I asked for it. So very glad I did. This piece has always meant a lot to me.

Previously, it was in my grandmother's basement with about 14 coats of paint on it. Probably from the days when spring "cleaning" meant putting a new coat of paint or varnish on walls and floors. This would have been a kitchen cupboard, so it would have been in the same category. Scrub it down with a brush, and put another layer of paint on it.

My grandmother had it stripped for me. 1983. And I refinished it.

I am not sure anyone but the antique's roadshow would argue with redoing it. In its painted state, it was really dreadful.

And honestly, in its refinished state for 35 years now, it looks old.

The antique's roadshow would also be horrified to know I had the wooden panels taken out of the top doors and glass replaced. Also 35 years ago. And I am not sorry about that either.

The plate rail groove cut into each shelf, is very far from the back wall of the cabinet.

Yesterday my husband added a second rail to each shelf by going up, not down. He added a trim piece, painted to match the stain (I had the paint) and held in place by 5 tack nails. This allows me to put a second row of plates in the cabinet.

And absolutely you cannot tell this is a new addition. It looks like the second rail is original to the cabinet.

The original rail is cut fairly deep and on an angle. So there is a slope. The added piece sets right at the top of that slope.

This need to store more plates originated when I sent my husband up to the attic for what I thought was three boxes of china. This tea set, my mom's old china, and my grandmother's old china.

He came back with ten boxes. Glassware, serving pieces, ice buckets. ALL kinds of things packed at the old house and put directly  in the attic at this house.

 It took me several weeks to get thru it all.

Nothing went back in the attic.

It was sold, given away, put away in my pantry, or put in this cupboard.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Series included on Amazon Prime.

I was first attracted by Barbra Streisand music. 

Enjoying it hugely. 

The Romanoff’s

Amazon Prime.

Each story is independent, loosely related theme. Characters and story line do not repeat between episodes.

We really liked most of them. Very well written, in our opinion.