Monday, November 04, 2019

Defined space

This is a very large closet under the stairs. Large enough that it can be considered a small room.

There are two large shelf sets and a table in this closet. And oh so much stuff.

I am starting thru every single thing in this space and in the larger room next to it.

Preemptively, I am designating a spot for tissue paper, cards, gift bags and gift tags. (Large rolls are in another container, *and I do not have many.)

I know I am going to find a lot of them.

And I am only going to save what fits nicely in these three bins tucked in a weirdly shaped spot on top the shelf unit behind the door.

*I have adopted the generic packaging philosophy. I do solid, striped, checked and dotted gift wrap/bags only. Nothing holiday specific. This automatically reduces the volume hugely. And is very attractive.