Sunday, November 24, 2019

New table top

I must have been taking a picture of the rug, in this old kitchen picture. Obviously the chairs are missing. But it really shows the rest of the kitchen. The old table top was laminate and green. It looked huge when we built the house. When my kids and their attachments are here and my brother’s family is here, it was not big enough.

Lighting is not good here, but it shows placement.

The base stayed the same, but I switched out the table top this week. The color changed and it went from 3’x7’ to 4’x8’.

It looks like there are just four chairs on each side, but there is an old bench my grandpa made, tucked down between the island and the table. He would be thrilled and we have wondered if it is the last bench (of many he made) surviving in the family. It is older than I am, but a woodworking friend checked and it is sound.

The bench at the bottom of the stairs, just visible in this (above) picture, can be pulled up to the near end of the table. So it now easily seats 12. I bought two new chairs, if you notice there were previously three on each side. They are mismatched on purpose. There are three color variations.

The table used to be housed up against the island. It now has four rounded corners and stands, free floating in the middle of the kitchen. When the ceiling fan/light dies, I will replace it with something long that is centered  over the table better.

Notice the white bench, under the picture rails, has been relocated (to the front porch). And the two shelves on either side of the bench have been removed too. There are several other things, not visible in the angle of these pictures, that have been decluttered too.  The black thing with a basket on top, at the end of the island, is a small refrigerator.

I attempted to replace this table top last year. The original firm, that did my kitchen and bathrooms when we built this house, was too busy to be bothered. I called them again a couple weeks ago and they were still too busy to be bothered. I called a couple other places too. Ditto.

Then I sent a text to ask if friends knew of a laminate guy. Someone did. And when I called him, he stopped by within 2 hours and looked at the project and then even with two deaths in his family this month, got my table top done and installed.

I am very pleased.