Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Sedum experiment

Sedum is planted in a bed near the street, under the Rose of Sharon Tree.

I filled in the sedum this spring. There were several plants already there, I dug/moved/added several more from other parts of the yard, and I bought several. 

It has been interesting because tiny sedum I planted this spring are now (all) the same size as the established sedum (which has been there for years). 

And it is all getting ready to bloom. New starts do not always bloom. 

In other words, I absolutely can’t tell which plant was what. It is now all mature size. 

I like my flower beds to be very full. And I do not want to have to weed. So I want edge to edge sedum on its end of the bed. As it grew this summer, it filled in pretty well. There are just two empty places that need additional plants. 

A friend told me I can just cut a piece of sedum off a plant, stick it in the ground, and it will grow. 

We have a couple days of rain forecast. So I stuck one piece of sedum in an opening/empty spot in the first picture. And four in a larger opening/empty spot in the second picture. 

And we will see what happens.